Keep it Simple

The Art of Reading Returns

November 15, 2022

On today’s episode of Keep It Simple, learn how to approach and interpret a return and what different returns mean. Return formulas can be confusing, and since they are invaluable we are taking the time today to break things down and go over the things you need to look for when evaluating your returns. You need to know what you’re measuring, what you’re measuring with, and what you’re measuring against. Our goal is to help you make good choices when you are looking at changing your approach to returns to help you profit later. Remember that you don’t need all the data in the world, just a good strategy and consistency. The more you understand the more at peace you will be, so let’s get to learning.


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[00:00] Show intro 

[00:28] What we’re talking about today 

[01:15] The most common mistakes made with returns 

[03:23] Framework of mental checks when evaluating returns 

[09:14] Understanding the nature of the market 

[11:40] Knowing what you’re measuring with 

[14:47] Rolling returns 

[16:26] Why do rolling returns set better expectations?

[21:24] Knowing what you’re measuring against: benchmarks 

[29:32] The returns cheat sheet 

[33:47] Where to get more resources 

[34:33] Closing comments 

[35:02] Outro 

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